Unfold unfolds…and it works with Nocks


Finally, after a lot of rumors and teasers the Unfold Trade Assistant went live. With Unfold you can automate your trades on Nocks Trade.

A message from Roel Boer- developer of Unfold:

Hi everyone!

Today is launch day for letsunfold.com, a beautiful trade assistant for your Nocks account. I created this service to make life a little easier for (aspiring) traders. Unfold gives you a user interface to easily automate what you would otherwise do manually.

To me, launching Unfold is twofold. One being a great addition to automating anyone’s trading capabilities and, two, to showcase how you could integrate or use the Nocks infrastructure to your advantage and start a business yourself since it’s built on top of the Nocks API.

One of the cooler things, to me, is that the…

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